Saturday, 1 June 2013

Job Search Lesson 9 – develop a 30 second commercial / elevator pitch

elevator pitch
When you’re conducting informational interviews or networking more broadly, it pays to have a "30 second commercial" / "elevator pitch" prepared. This will ensure that you make the right first impression in networking situations as well as ensuring that you have an excellent answer to the interview question “tell me about yourself”.

I’ve recorded my recommendations on what you should include in your elevator pitch below, as well as an example response. I recommend tailoring your 30 second commercial to your audience. For example, you might want to be more or less precise in “what you want to do next” depending on who you’re talking to. Perhaps even importantly however, is to keep your introduction succinct!

Example 30 second commercial
1. Who are you now / what do you want to be known as?
I’m a generalist business analyst with strong skills in stakeholder management, data analysis and project management.
2. What was the last position you held, what were you responsible for and what is one key success?
Most recently I was a marketing analyst in HSBC’s Digital Marketing team where I managed the creation of digital promotional material for driving new-to-bank leads. Prior to that I was studying an MBA with a focus on strategic marketing, where I graduated in the top 5%.
3. What you want to do next
I am now looking to move into marketing within an industry leader in the apparel industry.

Those of you who have been keeping up on my job search lessons will notice that I use a variation of my 30 second commercial when sending out emails to organize informational interviews.

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