Monday, 3 June 2013

Job Search Lesson 10 – enthusiastic candidates are more likely to get jobs

Be positiveAs is likely obvious, searching for a job can be frustrating and/or tiring and/or depressing... and perhaps what is most frustrating, is that the more frustrated / tired / depressed you get, the lower your chances are of actually getting a job.

In response to this situation, I was going to write a post on ways to keep your spirits up and to show people that you’re enthusiastic about getting a job – especially as I have previously blogged about enthusiasm.

After a quick Google search however, I realized that it would be pointless for me to write another article on the subject, as I don’t think I could do a better job than than Priscilla Claman did in her article in the Harvard Business Review Blog Network: Don’t let your job search depress you.

So instead, I highly recommend that step away from my blog for a moment to read the article as it’s got some great lessons worth sharing.

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