Sunday, 11 September 2011

A simple process for building an outstanding personal brand

Personal brand
One of the most important factors in achieving success in any business is an excellent reputation. The following five step process is a simple model for building an outstanding personal brand.

1. Accurately assess what your personal brand currently represents.
Spend some time reflecting on how you are currently perceived. Consider the following:
a. How do people react to your suggestions in comparison to others?
b. Who in your office or business gets given the best work?  If it’s not you, what is the reason?

c. What honest feedback have you received from someone you trust?

2. Clearly define what you want your personal brand to represent
Write down some specific words or phrases that you want your personal brand to represent. Aim to make your personal brand clearly defined and easy to understand. Consider the following:
a. What do you want your personal brand to represent?
b. Who do you respect? What specifically do you respect about them?
c. What qualities would you look for when hiring or promoting someone?

3. Plan how you will build your personal brand
Outline a plan on how you will take your personal brand from where it is now, to where you want it to be. Consider the following:
a. What things are inside your control to change?
b. Who can help you?
c. What are the drivers of your brand? For example, if you aim to be seen as trustworthy or reliable, ensure that you do exactly what you say you will do.

4. Start
As is becoming a common theme in this blog, Action Trumps Everything; take a concrete step right now towards improving your personal brand.

5. Repeat
This is perhaps the most important step: measure your progress. (i.e. Go back to Step 1 and accurately assess what your personal brand now represents).

As you progress in your career or build your business, remember that you will be judged, fairly or unfairly, on everything you do and the way you do everything.

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