Monday, 1 August 2011

Action trumps everything - Act. Learn. Repeat.

Action Trumps Everything
I recently read the book Action Trumps Everything, which outlines a proven method that “entrepreneurs use for navigating in an uncertain world”. Putting it simply, the approach is: Act. Learn. Repeat.

To give you a little more detail, the authors state that the only way to navigate in an uncertain world is as follows:
Step 1. Make sure what you are about to do is something you really care about. It’s silly to launch into the unknown if you don’t.
Step 2. Don’t over-think. Don’t imagine what might happen. Get started with what you’ve got in hand and take a small, smart step toward your goal and find out.
Step 3. Evaluate what you learn, and if you like the results take another step.

I have often considered documenting the lessons that I have learned throughout my career and so, in the spirit of Action Trumps Everything, I created this blog. I am going to use it as a way of documenting and sharing the lessons that have made me successful.

Someone once told me that “Experience teaches nothing. Evaluated experience teaches everything”. This blog is my approach to evaluating my experiences; I hope you get as much out of it as I know I will.

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