Saturday, 25 May 2013

Job Search Lesson 5 – post-informational interview follow-up

Interview follow-upStep 1 - Within 24 hours of your informational interview send a thank-you email to your contact. Not only does this show the appropriate amount of appreciation for the time and expertise they provided, but it’s also a useful reminder for them to put you in touch with their contacts.

Here’s how I might word the thank-you note:
Subject line
Thanks for your time

Email body
Hi Peter,

Thanks a lot for your time and insights yesterday, it’s much appreciated.

As discussed, if you have any contacts who work in other global apparel companies I’d love to chat with them.

In case you’re interested, I’ll send you a LinkedIn shortly so we can keep in contact.


Step 2 – As would be obvious from the thank-you email above, the next step is to send your contact an invite to connect on LinkedIn. Note: I’ll likely do several future blog posts purely on LinkedIn.

Step 3 – Send a thank-you note to the person who put you in touch with your contact; again, it’s polite and will remind them that you’re looking for work.

Here’s another simple example email:
Subject line
Thanks for introducing me to Peter

Hi James,

This is just a quick note to say thanks a lot for introducing me to Peter.

I had coffee with him yesterday, where he was able to able to give me some great insights into marketing of sports apparel and what are the key skills required for success (as well as the best ways to change industries).

Obviously, if you know anyone else who works in marketing within other apparel companies, I’d love to chat with them.

Thanks again!


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